Marshall Municipal Courts

5 E. Eastwood
Marshall, MO 65340
Phone: 1 (660) 886 - 3665

Fax: 1 (660) 886 - 7582

The 15th Judicial Circuit Court of Missouri, Marshall Municipal Division is an extension and qualified division of the Circuit Court of Saline County. The Municipal Court adjudicates traffic and other ordinance violations filed by the Marshall City Prosecutor, Police Department, Animal Control and Code Enforcement Officer(s).

The mission of The Municipal Court is to treat the citizens who appear in a timely, courteous and efficient manner and assure them of a fair and impartial disposition of their case(s).


Court Staff:

Judge: Matthew Gass


Court Clerk: Sonya Pitts

Contact Information: 1 (660) 886 - 3665

Assistant Court Clerk: Cheryl Zimny

Contact Information: 1 (660) 886 - 3665


Prosecutor: Michael Reneau 

Contact Information: 1 (816) 434 - 6200

Assistant to the Prosecutor: Emily Hannink

Contact Information: 1 (660) 886 - 7411 



Municipal courts are authorized by the Missouri Constitution and are part of the circuit courts. They are open to the public. The purpose of these courts is to provide you with a place to obtain a fair and impartial trial on any alleged violation of a city ordinance. While this is a general overview of your rights in municipal court, each individual court may have local rules that may apply to your case. Please check with your local municipal court for the local court rules.


Municipal courts are a court of law established to protect the rights of all citizens. If there is anything you do not understand, do not hesitate to ask the judge any questions.

While in the courtroom, please:

- Stay seated until your case is ready to be heard by the judge.

- Do not smoke or consume food or drink. 

- Silence any phones and remain quiet.

- Do not sleep or disrupt the court proceedings. 


City of Marshall