Article V. District Use Regulations

Sec. 31-73. District A-1 - Agricultural District

A.   INTENT AND PURPOSE OF DISTRICT It is the intent of the "A-1" Agricultural District to protect agricultural uses in the Planning Area through control of density, land use and land coverage.

B.   DISTRICT REGULATION In District "A-1", no building or land shall be used and no building or structure altered, enlarged or erected, which is arranged, intended or designed for other than one of the uses listed in Section C below. All land annexed into the city and not otherwise zoned at the time of annexation shall automatically be zoned A-1.

C.   USE REGULATIONS (Amended 1/19/93 Ordinance No. 6673)

1.   Agricultural uses, which shall include any use of land for the purpose of growing crops, no use at all -- such as land in soil bank, orchards, trees or forest lands and any other use pertaining to 
farming, agricultural research or any activity, normally connected with farming. Such uses shall allow all the types of structures normally associated with these uses, including dwelling units, storage bins, barns, sheds, tool houses, garages, and including relocation of portable buildings without permit, and any other use or facility ancillary to farming or open land. More than one dwelling unit may be on agricultural land or a farm, provided it is for the occupancy and use of people working on the farm. Only by special permit of the Planning & Zoning Commission, may more than two (2) dwelling units be on a single farm. The Commission shall issue this permit after a hearing, based upon the compatibility of the proposed dwelling unit with the surrounding area. No trailers, trailer houses or mobile homes will be permitted to be occupied as a dwelling unit in A-1 District.

2.   Public parks, playgrounds, recreation areas and community buildings owned and operated by a public agency.

3.   Churches, synagogues and other similar places of worship.

4.   Golf courses, except miniature golf courses and driving tees operated for commercial purposes.

5.   Greenhouses and nurseries.

6.   Public, private, or parochial schools; elementary, junior high, high schools and institutions of higher learning, including dormitory accommodations when located on the same tract as the educational buildings.

7.   Public or Private residential licensed therapy or psychiatric treatment facilities for disadvantaged youth, together with ancillary education facilities, recreation facilities, medical, therapeutic or psychiatric treatment services offices, business offices, and related structures as are customarily associated with such activities.

8.   Public buildings including libraries and museums.

9.   Stands for the sale, at retail, of agricultural products or commodities raised on the premises.

10. Accessory buildings and uses customarily incidental to any of the above uses.

11. Keeping of livestock, poultry or other animals or fowl. Animals or fowl shall be kept in accordance with the existing city ordinances of Chapter 5 and any other that shall pertain. However, in annexed land the owner or operator shall be permitted to keep livestock or fowl in those areas in which they were being kept immediately prior to annexation provided that the number being kept shall not be increased in such numbers as to create a public nuisance.

12. SPECIAL USE PERMIT. The following exceptions may be allowed when submitted, reviewed and approved by the Commission.

a. Airport or heliport.
b. Animal hospitals, clinics or kennels.
c. Cemetery or crematory.
d. Drive-in theaters.
e. Isolation homes, penal institutions, sanitariums or asylums for the insane or mentally retarded.
f. Nursing and care homes subject to inspection and license requirements.
g. Seasonal or temporary uses such as recreation camp or similar enterprise.
h. Telephone exchange, electrical substations or similar public utilities.
i. Any public building erected or land used by any department of the City, County, State, or Federal Government.
j. Animal feed lots subject to the license requirements of the State and subject to the following minimum sanitation and odor practices: (The intent is to establish a healthful environment around the feed lot.)
k. Public buildings including libraries, museums and hospitals.(Amended 7/3/89 Ordinance No. 6416) 




1. All ground surfaces within pens shall be so graded and compacted to insure proper drainage.


2. Surface runoff shall be so controlled that no appreciable amount of soil or manure is carried into any roadway ditch or drainage area where it will deposit and form sludge banks where flies and
mosquitoes can breed.



1. Tracts shall be five (5) acres or larger.


2. Tracts which are smaller than five (5) acres shall be considered as a subdivision and shall be platted in accordance with the subdivision regulations and must be rezoned.


E. HEIGHT REGULATIONS Except as otherwise provided herein, no building or structure shall exceed the following height restrictions:

1. When the building or structure is within one hundred fifty (150) feet of a residential district zone, said building or structure shall not exceed thirty-five (35) feet in height.



1. Front Yard - The front yards in this district shall be a minimum depth of forty (40) feet.


2. Side Yard - The side yards in this district for every dwelling, except accessory buildings, shall not be less than twenty-five (25) feet.


3. Rear Yard - The rear yards in this district for every dwelling, except accessory buildings, shall not be less than forty(40) feet.



1. Dwellings - Two (2) off-street parking spaces shall be provided for each dwelling unit.


2. Schools - Schools shall be provided with off-street parking spaces as follows:
Elementary - Two (2) parking spaces for each classroom.
Jr. High Schools - Two (2) parking spaces for each classroom.
High School - Eight (8) parking spaces for each classroom plus 
one (1) space for each two employees.


3. Churches and other places of public assembly - One (1) off-street parking space shall be provided for each four (4) seats based upon the maximum designed seating capacity, including choir lofts.

City of Marshall