Article V. District Use Regulations

Sec. 31-75a. District R-3 - Low Density Multi-Family Dwelling District.


District "R-3", is intended primarily to accommodate non-elevator residential development at a medium density. The principal use of land is for townhouses and garden apartment buildings in convenient relation to outlying major thoroughfares and outlying business centers. This district would also include recreational, religious and educational uses necessary to provide a balanced residential area.


In district "R-3", no structure or land shall be used and no structure shall be erected, altered or enlarged which is arranged, intended or designed for other than one of the uses listed in the Use Regulations.


1. Low density multi-family dwelling units subject to the intensity of use regulations.

2. Public parks and recreation areas and community buildings owned and operated by a public agency.

3. Church, plants and synagogues (not permitted in converted residential buildings or structures in this district, unless they are in full compliance with the building code for such use).

4. Accessory buildings and uses.

5. Public or parochial schools, elementary, junior high and high schools and private schools with equivalent curriculum.

6. Family day care homes and group day care homes under the following regulations:

a. That such uses shall be permitted only if the rear yard in which the home would operate meets the minimum requirements of this section and is enclosed with a suitable fence.


b. That such uses are located in the dwelling used by the operator as his or her residence.


c. That no assistant other than a member of the family household is employed.


d. That no advertising or identification sign shall be placed on the premise.



7. Home occupations (permitted in attached accessory buildings or principal
residential structures).

8. Any use permitted in Section 71-35 (C) of the Zoning Code of Ordinances.

1. Maximum lot area per dwelling unit:
Single Family---------------------------------------------------6,000 s.f./d.u.
Two Family-----------------------------------------------------4,000 s.f./d.u.   (8,000 s.f. minimum lot size)
Multi-Family----------------------------------------------------2,500 s.f./d.u.   (9,000 s.f. minimum lot size)

2. Minimum lot width: 60 feet.

3. No parabolic (dish) antenna shall be located in the front yard or side yard. (Amended 12/7/87 by Ordinance No. 6299)

1. Maximum structure height: 45 feet or 2 1/2 stories (Whichever is smaller)

Exception: Buildings containing three stories may be occupied for residential purposes in the downhill or lower portion provided at least fifty percent (50%) of the area of the lower story's exterior walls are exposed to outside light and air entirely above grade and said exterior walls contain windows and doors permitting the entrance of daylight and outside air. The main entry to such building shall be located at mid-level so that no occupant shall be required to traverse more than one story of stairs from the main building entrance to the highest or lowest occupied story, Approval shall be given by the Zoning Administrator upon submittal of preliminary site and building plans.

1. Minimum Front Yards:
The minimum front yard requirements shall be the same as required in all other residential districts.

2. Side Yards:
a. Interior side yards 8 feet.
b. Where the side yard fronts on a street, the required front yard setback shall be provided.

3. Rear Yards: 
Minimum rear yard 25 feet.

1. Single Family Residences: 
One Bedroom------------------------700 s.f.
Two Bedroom-----------------------750 s.f.
Three Bedroom--------------------- 850 s.f.

2. Duplex: 
For Each Side-----------------------700 s.f.

3. Multi-Family: 
Senior Citizen and (Amended 10/19/87 Ordinance No. 6288)
Efficiency---------------------------- 500 s.f.
One Bedroom------------------------600 s.f.
Two Bedroom----------------------- 700 s.f.
Three Bedroom----------------------850 s.f.

1. All dwelling units: 1 1/2 spaces per dwelling unit except efficiency apartments and senior citizen one-bedroom apartments which shall have one space per unit. (Amended 10/19/87 (Efficiency apartments shall have one space.) Ordinance No. 6288)

2. Churches: One parking space for each six seats based upon the maximum designated seating capacity, including choir lofts.

3. All other uses will be the same as the "R-2" zoning district requirements.

City of Marshall