Article V. District Use Regulations

Sec. 31-75. District R-2 - Residential District

A. INTENT AND PURPOSE OF DISTRICT The "R-2" Residential District is established for the purpose of residential control and to allow certain public facilities. It is intended that no uses be permitted in this district that will tend to interfere with the health, safety, order or general welfare of persons residing in the district or to devaluate property for residential purposes. Regulations are intended to control density of population and to provide adequate open space around buildings and structures in the district to accomplish these purposes.

B. DISTRICT REGULATIONS In District "R-2", no structure or land shall be used, and no structure shall be erected, altered or enlarged, which is arranged, intended or designed for other than one of the uses listed in the Use Regulations.


1. Single family dwellings.

2. Public parks and recreation areas and community buildings owned and operated by a public agency.

3. Church plants and synagogues (not permitted in converted residential building or structure in this district, unless they are in full compliance with the building code for such use).

4. Accessory buildings and uses.

5. Public or parochial schools, elementary, junior high and high schools and private schools with equivalent curriculum.

6. Group day care homes under the following regulations:

a. That such uses shall be permitted only if the rear yard in which the home would operate meets the minimum requirements of this section and is enclosed with a suitable fence.


b. That such uses are located in the dwelling used by the operator as his or her private residence.


c. That no assistant other than a member of the family household is employed.


d. That no advertising or identification sign shall be placed on the premises.


7. Home occupations (permitted in attached accessory buildings or principal residential structures).

8. Golf courses, except miniature and pitch and putt golf courses and driving tees operated for commercial purposes.

9. Duplexes. (Amended 2/2/04 by Ordinance No. 7512)
(A) Two-family Town Home as a permitted use, with regulations as follows:

a. Each lot containing a Two-family Town Home shall have at least fifty (50) feet of frontage on a street for each single-family dwelling.
b. Each lot containing a Two-family Town Home shall have at least four thousand (4,000) square feet of lot area for each single-family dwelling.
c. Each lot containing a Two-family Town Home shall have a front yard and two side yards with setbacks in compliance with Section 31-75(F); or a front yard, rear yard and one side yard with setbacks in compliance with Section 31-75(F). 


10. A private stable will be allowed on a lot having an area of more than twenty thousand (20,000) square feet, provided that it is located not less than one hundred (100) feet from the front lot line, not less than thirty (30) feet from any side or rear lot line, On such lots there shall not be kept more than one horse, pony or mule for each ten thousand (10,000) square feet of lot area, and one cow for each twenty thousand (20,000) square feet of lot area. Twenty-five (25) fowl shall be permitted for each twenty thousand (20,000) square feet of lot area. No such fowl shall be kept or housed nearer than one hundred (100 feet to the front lot line, or thirty (30) feet from any side or rear lot line. City ordinances of Chapter 5 shall apply.

11. The Planning Commission may, by special use permit, authorize the following exceptions subject to such conditions as the Commission deems necessary to include, but not restricted to, proper setbacks, landscaping, screening, fencing, maintenance provisions and other similar requirements. 


a. Any public building erected or land used by any department of the City, County, State or Federal Government.

b. Telephone exchange, electric substations, cable T.V. or other similar public utilities.

c. Apartments with three or more dwelling units.

d. Boarding and lodging houses.

e. Dormitories or institutional housing.

f. Funeral homes.

g. Cemeteries.

h. Day care centers.

i. Non-profit institutions.

j. Nursing homes.

k. Tourist homes.

l. Hospitals. (Amended 7/3/89 Ordinance No. 6416)

m. Stadiums, Gymnasiums and Auditoriums

n. Recreational areas.



Lot Area Per Family . Every building or portion of building hereafter erected or structurally altered for residential purposes in District "R-2" shall provide a lot area of not less than five thousand (5,000) square feet per family in single family dwellings, eight thousand (8,000) square feet per two family dwelling and 2,500 square feet per family in three (3) or more family dwellings with a minimum of twelve thousand (12,000) square feet, provided that where a lot has less area than herein required, in separate ownership, but not less than five thousand (5,000) square feet at the time of the passage of this article, this regulation shall not prohibit the erection of a one family dwelling. Where a public or community sewer is not available and in use for disposal of all sanitary sewerage, each lot shall provide not less than fifteen thousand (15,000) square feet per family, Each lot shall have at least fifty (50) feet of frontage on a street. No parabolic (dish) antenna shall be located in the front yard or the side yard. (Amended 12/7/87 by Ordinance No. 6299)

E. HEIGHT REGULATIONS No building shall exceed forty-five (45) feet in height.


1. Front Yards:

a. The front yard shall be a minimum of twenty-five (25) feet in depth measured from the front lot line. However, where the frontage upon the same side of a street between intersecting streets is occupied or partially occupied by a building or buildings having front yards of greater depth than are required by this chapter, no other lot upon the same side of such street between such intersecting streets shall be occupied by a building with a front yard of less than the least depth of any such existing front yards, unless by permission of the Board of Adjustment. This shall not be deemed to require a front yard of more than one hundred (100) feet.


b. Where lots have a double frontage, the required front yard shall be provided on both streets.


c. In those instances where lots front on both intersecting streets within the same block, no building on a corner lot shall project more than five (5) feet in front of the building l ine established for buildings fronting on the intersecting street.

2. Side Yards :
There shall be a side yard on each side of the principal residential building, equal to one-fourth (1/4) of the building height but not less than five (5) feet as measured from the outer projection, and all other permitted and conditional uses shall provide a minimum twenty-five (25) foot setback.

3. Rear Yards:
There shall be a rear yard having a depth of not less than twenty-five (25) feet or thirty (30%) percent of the depth of the lot, whichever is smaller.



G. PARKING REGULATIONS: The following number of off-street parking spaces are required in District "R-2" for the following uses:

1. Single family and two family units: Two spaces per dwelling unit.

2. Three or more dwelling unit apartments: Two spaces per dwelling unit.

3. Churches: One parking space for each six seats based upon the maximum
designed seating capacity, including choir lofts.

4. Elementary, junior high and equivalent parochial and private schools: Two for each classroom.

5. High schools, colleges, universities and other similar public or private institutions of higher learning: Eight parking spaces for each classroom, plus one space for each two employees.

6. Hospitals: One parking space for each two beds, plus one parking space for each resident or staff doctor, plus one space for each two employees based on the largest working shift in any 24 hour period.

7. Lodges, non-profit institutions or other similar buildings: One parking space for each three seats based on the designed maximum seating capacity.

8. Boarding or lodging houses: One parking space for each three sleeping rooms or fraction thereof.

9. Nursing homes, rest homes or similar uses: One parking space for each five beds based on the designed maximum capacity of the building, plus one parking space for each employee based on the largest working shift in any 24 hour period.

10. Funeral homes: One parking space for each four seats based on the designed maximum capacity of the parlor(s), plus one additional parking space for each employee and each vehicle maintained on the premises.

11. Stadium, gymnasiums and auditoriums: One parking space for each 3.5 seats based on the designed seating capacity.

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