Article V. District Use Regulations

Sec. 31-77. District MH-S - Mobile Home Subdivision District

A. INTENT AND PURPOSE OF DISTRICT It is the intent and purpose of the "MH-S" Mobile Home Subdivision District to provide low-density mobile home development, which would be compatible with the character of the surrounding neighborhood where individuals could purchase lots for the placement of mobile homes.

B. DISTRICT REGULATIONS In District "MH-S", no structure or land shall be used, and no structure shall be altered, enlarged or erected which is arranged, intended or designed for other than one of the uses listed in the Use Regulations section of this District.


1. Mobile home subdivisions:
a. Provided that the mobile home subdivision is platted in accordance with the adopted Subdivision Regulations.
b. Provided all mobile homes shall have a sheeting material covering all openings under the mobile home and fastened to it.
c. Provided any foundation not used for 120 continuous days shall be removed or enclosed by a four foot picket or similar fence.


2. Churches, synagogues and other similar places of worship.

3. Public and parochial schools.

4. Accessory buildings and uses.



1. A mobile home subdivision shall have a gross area of not less than 5 acres.

2. Only one mobile home shall be permitted on each lot, and each lot shall have a minimum area of 5,000 square feet and a minimum width of 45 feet at the front building line.


E. HEIGHT REGULATIONS No building or structure shall exceed 35 feet in height.


1. Front Yards:
a. The front yard shall be a minimum of 25 feet in depth measured from the front lot line.
b. Where lots have double frontage, the required front yard shall be provided on both streets.
c. In those instances where lots front on only one of the intersecting streets within the same block, the corner lot shall maintain a front yard setback, as set out in "a" above, on that street upon which other lots front, and the setback on the other intersecting street may be reduced to not less than 15 feet.

2. Side Yards: There shall be a side yard on each side of the principal residential building which shall have a width of not less than five feet, and all other permitted and conditional uses shall provide a minimum of 25-foot setback.

3. Rear Yards: There shall be a rear yard having a depth of not less than twenty-five feet or 20 percent of the depth of the lot, whichever is smaller.



1. Residences: Two parking spaces.

2. Churches: One parking space for each four seats based upon the maximum designed seating capacity, including choir lofts.

3. Elementary, junior high and equivalent parochial and private schools: Two for each classroom.

4. High schools, colleges, universities and other similar public or private institutions of higher learning: Eight parking spaces for each classroom, plus one space for each two employees.

5. Stadiums, gymnasiums and auditoriums: One parking space for each 3.5 seats based on the designed seating capacity.

City of Marshall