Article V. District Use Regulations

Sec. 31-76. District MH-P - Mobile Home Park District.

A. INTENT AND PURPOSE OF DISTRICT It is the intent and purpose of the "MH-P" Mobile Home Park District to provide low density mobile home parks which should be compatible with the character of the surrounding neighborhood and would be consistent with the future land use plan of the community.

B. DISTRICT REGULATIONS In District "MH-P", no structure or land shall be used, and no structure shall be altered, enlarged or erected, which is arranged, intended or designed for other than one of the uses listed in the Use Regulations section of this district.


1. Mobile home parks, subject to the following regulations:

a. The tract to be used for a mobile home park shall not be less than three acres in area. Home parks shall be permitted to expand to the conforming three acre requirement provided the expansion is on contiguous or adjacent property subject to city ordinances.

b. The mobile home park shall be under one ownership and control and individual occupants other than said owner shall not purchase or own any place, parcel or portion of said park.

c. The applicant for a mobile home park shall prepare or cause to be prepared a preliminary Mobile Home Park plan, drawn to a scale of not less than 1"=100', and three (3) copies of said plan shall be submitted to the Planning Commission for their review and recommendations. Such plans shall comply with the following requirements:


1. Contours at intervals of five feet shall be indicated on the plan.
2. The park shall be located on a well-drained site, properly graded to insure rapid drainage and freedom from stagnant pools of water.
3. Mobile home parks hereafter approved shall have a maximum density of eight mobile homes per gross acre, and a minimum of 3,600 square feet shall be provided for each mobile home space.
4. Each mobile home space shall be at least 40 feet wide and be clearly defined.
5. Mobile homes shall be located on each space so as to maintain a setback of no less than 25 feet from any public street, highway right-of-way or district "R" district boundary; as to maintain a setback of no less than ten (10) feet from the edge of a park roadway or sidewalk or a rear boundary line when such boundary line is not common to any public street, highway right-of-way or "MH-P" district boundary and as to maintain a setback of no less than ten (10) feet from any side boundary line of a mobile home space.
6. All mobile home spaces shall front upon a private roadway of no less than 32 feet in width including curbs on each side. All roadways shall have unobstructed access to a public street.
7. Common walks shall be provided in locations where pedestrian traffic is concentrated; for example, to the entrance and to the office and other important facilities.
8. All roadways and sidewalks within the mobile home park shall be paved with at least 6" of rolled stone base and 2" of asphaltic concrete or at least 6" of Portland cement concrete, and shall be adequately lighted at night.
9. A community building may be provided which may include recreational facilities, laundry facilities, storm shelter and other similar uses designed to serve the mobile home park residents.
10. Each mobile home park shall devote a minimum of 200 square feet per mobile home space for an area suitable for recreation. Individual recreational areas shall not be less than 5,000 square feet and required setbacks, roadways and off-street parking spaces shall not be considered as recreational space.
11. There shall be 25-foot setback between a residential district and any structure building, or mobile home located within the mobile home park.
12. Each mobile home shall have installed a skirting material that covers any open area under the mobile home and is firmly fastened to the mobile home. Exceptions to this requirement may be granted by the Planning Commission for a period not to exceed 180 days from the original date of the mobile home.


d. A mobile home park shall not be used for other than residential purposes; mobile homes intended and set up for occupancy may be offered for sale in the mobile home park only be resident owners or their agents.
e. Upon approval of the preliminary mobile home park plan by the Planning Commission, the applicant shall prepare and submit a final plan, which shall incorporate any changes or alterations requested. The final plan and the Planning Commission recommendations shall be forwarded to the City Council for their review and final action.
f. Any substantial deviation, as determined by the Zoning Administrator, from the approved plan shall constitute a violation of the building or zoning permit authorizing construction of the project. Changes in plans shall be resubmitted for reconsideration and approval by the Planning Commission and City Council prior to the issuance of a building or zoning permit.
g. The use or parking of a mobile home, whether or not the wheels have been removed, in any place in the city other than in and according to the provisions of district MH-P or MH-S is strictly prohibited.

2. Churches, synagogues and other similar places of worship.

3. Public and parochial schools.

4. Home occupations.

5. Accessory buildings and uses.




1. An accessible, safe and potable supply of water as approved by the State Health Department shall be provided in each park or camp, if a public water supply is reasonably available to the park or camp, it shall be used.

2. The size and location of water mains and fire hydrants shall be designed by a licensed professional engineer and shall be in accordance with the requirements of the agency from which the water supply is obtained.

3. Individual water service connections shall be provided at each mobile home space.

4. When a private water supply is provided, it shall provide an adequate water supply with minimum flow rates of four gallons per minute for each of the first five mobile home spaces and an additional two gallons per minute for each additional space for the next ten spaces, and an additional one gallon per minute for the next twenty-five spaces, and an additional one gallon per minute for each additional space thereafter. Said system shall provide a minimum of twenty pounds per square inch of pressure at all connections provided.



1. Individual sewer connections shall be provided for each mobile home space and  shall be in accordance with all codes and regulations regarding such systems. If a public sewer system is reasonably available to the park, it shall be used according to all pertinent municipal regulations.

2. All sewerage systems shall be designed by a licensed professional engineer and shall be submitted to the appropriated governing body for their approval.

3. When the sewer lines of the park are not connected to a public sewer, a sewerage treatment plant or sewerage disposal system approved by the Health Officer or the engineer having jurisdiction shall be provided. Such facility shall have the proper permits from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.


F. COMPLIANCE The mobile home park shall be in compliance with this article and all other regulations and the site shall be in conformance with applicable regulations of the locality and state.

G. PARKING OR STORING A mobile home may be parked in the mobile home park, providing that it shall not be a nuisance and does not constitute a fire hazard, and further providing said mobile home is not offered for sale by other than the resident owner or his agent.

H. UNUSED MOBILE HOME PARK Whenever a property, zoned "MH-P", ceases to be used for such purposes for a period of two years, the Planning Commission shall initiate action and hold a public hearing to rezone said property.

I. PARKING REGULATIONS There shall be two off-street parking spaces for each mobile home.

City of Marshall