Sec. 31-83
District HP - Historic Preservation District

A. INTENT Within districts now existing or hereafter created, it is intended to permit creation of District HP Historic Preservation District in general areas or for individual structures and premises officially designated as having historic or cultural significance. Regulations within such districts are intended to protect against destruction of or encroachment upon such areas, structures and premises, to encourage uses which will lead to their continuance, conservation and improvement in a manner appropriate to the preservation of the cultural and historic heritage of the city, to prevent creation of environmental influences adverse to such purposes, and to assure that new structures and uses within such districts will be in keeping with the character to be preserved and enhanced. It is further the intent of these regulations that the Planning Commission shall seek the advice and assistance of groups or individuals qualified by interest, training and experience in achieving the objectives as set forth.

1. Applications for HP zoning shall be prepared by the property owners in the area concerned and shall include signatures in support of the application from each of the property owners in the proposed district. Single lot districts are permitted.
Each application shall contain information and recommendations as indicated below concerning the areas, buildings and premises proposed for such zoning.

2. Proposed district boundaries shall in general be drawn to include all appropriate properties reasonably near to each other within the area.

3. A report shall be submitted with the application, establishing and defining the historic and cultural features of the district and describing the structures and features of substantial public significance, present trends and conditions, and desirable public objectives for conservation, development or redevelopment.
Such report shall include, among other pertinent matters:


An analysis of existing structures by period of construction (if known), architectural style (if significant), condition, present use, assessed valuation, and other matters relating to planning or regulating future development, such as location on lots, location of yards and other open spaces, access to interior of the block, and off-street parking provided. In addition to general analysis, two specific and detailed classifications shall be established:


1. A classification of individual structures and premises of substantial public interest, with maps, photographs and other data indicating the public importance of preservation and particular features it is desired to preserve.

2. A classification of existing structures, premises and uses likely to have an adverse effect on the desired character of the district, including those near and visually related to the district, with maps, photographs and other data indicating the reasons for such classification.

1. In order to promote general welfare through the preservation and protection of features of historical significance, no person shall be permitted to build, erect, construct, alter, destroy or remove buildings or structures, or in any way change the outward appearance of any building or structure without having obtained approval for so doing by the Planning Commission as herein created. Evidence of such required approval shall be a letter of approval issued by such Commission.

2. By general rule or by specific request in a particular case, the Planning Commission may require submission of any or all of the following in connection with the application: architectural plans, site plans, landscaping plans, proposed signs with appropriate detail as to character, proposed exterior lighting arrangements, elevations of all portions of structures with important relationships to public view (with indications as to construction materials, design of doors and windows, colors and the like), photographs or perspective drawings indicating visual relationships to adjoining structures and spaces, and such other exhibits and reports as are necessary for its determinations after examination of the material submitted and field examination if necessary in the case, the Commission shall issue a letter of approval only if it finds that the proposal is in
fact appropriate to the character, appearance and efficient functioning of the district and meets requirements established by City Council.

D. USE REGULATIONS The "HP" Historic Preservation District shall function as an overlay to the Zoning District Map of Marshall. Those uses permitted by the Zoning Ordinance of Marshall, within the several zoning districts, shall be subject to the additional requirements of the "HP" District regulations if they fall within the "HP" District boundaries.

1. Residential structures shall be limited to the use for which they were originally intended and shall be used for occupancy in the manner for which they were originally designed.

2. Commercial, industrial or public buildings shall be used according to the Use Regulations of their respective existing district.

E. INTENSITY OF USE REGULATIONS The Intensity of Use Regulations for the existing zoning district shall apply to the designated "HP" District.

F. HEIGHT REGULATIONS The Height Regulations for the existing zoning district shall apply to the designated "HP" District.

1. The minimum Yard Regulations for the existing zoning district shall apply to the designated "HP" District.

2. To the extent that existing patterns of lotting contribute to the character of HP Districts, it is the intent of these regulations to encourage continuation of such patterns. It is further intended to prevent future fragmentation of land ownership
likely to have adverse effects on such character. Lots or portions of lots existing in HP districts may be combined, but no existing lot or combination of lots, parcels or portions thereof in single ownership at the time of zoning to HP status,
shall be reduced in width, depth or area without the approval of the Planning Commission. The Commission may grant individual applications for such approval upon finding that such reduction would not adversely affect the
character of the district in general or of surrounding property, or may establish general rules regarding approval to apply within the district or any sub-area established.

1. The parking and loading or unloading regulations for the existing zoning district shall apply to the designated "HP" District.

2. No required off-street parking or loading space shall be located in any required front yard.

City of Marshall