Sec. 31-81
District I-H - Heavy Industrial


A. INTENT AND PURPOSE OF DISTRICT  The "I-H" Heavy Industrial District is intended for the purpose of allowing basic or primary industries, which are generally not compatible with residential and/or commercial activity. Certain extremely obnoxious or hazardous uses will require special permission to locate in this district.

B. DISTRICT REGULATIONS  In District "I-H", no building or land shall be erected, altered or enlarged, which is arranged, intended or designed for other than one of the uses listed in Subsection C. below.

    Types of industry listed alphabetically at the bottom of page.

1.     A building, structure or use, allowed in this district may occupy all that portion of a lot except for the area required for off-street loading and unloading and their access roads and as otherwise required in Section G and I.

2.     In the case where the required off-street parking and/or loading and unloading will be provided within the building or structure, then the building or structure may cover the entire lot except as otherwise required in Section F.




1. Front Yard: No front yard shall be required for uses permitted in this District.


2. Side Yard: Provided there is conformance with the city fire code, no side yard shall be required for uses in this district except where such use abuts a dwelling or dwelling district zone, in which case there shall be required fifty (50) feet landscape buffer with trees, and evergreen shall be provided to screen the residential area on the side of the lot which abuts the residential district.


3. Rear Yard: The depth of a rear yard shall be at least ten (10) feet, except that on a corner lot no rear yard is required within fifty (50) feet of a side street, unless the rear line adjoins a residential or commercial district. An evergreen buffer approved by the Commission shall be provided along those rear lot lines which adjoin a residential district.



1. Commercial and Industrial uses allowed in this district shall provide one (1) off-street parking space for every two regular employees per shift, and said parking spaces shall be provided within five hundred (500) feet of the proposed structure.


2. Plans and Approval Required (Amended 7/6/87 Ordinance No. 6266) Plans showing layout and design of all required off-street parking areas shall be submitted and approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission, prior to issuing a building permit. Before approving the parking layout, the Commission shall be satisfied that the spaces provided are usable and meet standard design criteria. All required off- street parking areas, including access driveways, shall be improved with asphalt, concrete or similar dust-free surface and all parking spaces shall be clearly marked.

3. Exceptions Off-street parking requirements in this district may be waived by the Governing Body when it can be established that off-street parking, to satisfy the above requirements, is provided or is available, either private or public, on adjoining property or within one hundred fifty (150) feet of the proposed use. In determining whether or not sufficient off-street parking is available to satisfy the requirements of this section, vacant land or space allocated to other uses shall not be considered.



1. No loading or unloading operation shall be permitted in the right-of-way of any street or alley.

2. Curb cuts for access to parking, loading and unloading areas shall be first approved by the Director of Municipal Services. In making application for such curb cuts, the Applicant shall present his proposal in writing and provide the Director of Municipal Services with sufficient plans showing location, width and type of surface proposed across the public right-of-way.



1. Required: On the same premises with every building, structure or part thereof, erected and occupied for manufacturing, storage of goods displayed, and which shall include any warehouse, goods displayed, department store, wholesale store, market, hotel, hospital, mortuary, laundry, dry cleaning or other uses similarly involving the receipt or distribution by vehicles, of materials or merchandise, there shall be provided and maintained on the lot adequate space for standing, loading and unloading services in order to avoid undue interference with public use of the streets or alleys.

2. Amount of space prescribed: Such space unless otherwise adequately provided for, shall include a ten (10) foot by fifty (50) foot loading space with fourteen (14) foot height clearance for every twenty thousand (20,000) square feet or fraction thereof in excess of three thousand (3,000) square feet of building floor use for above mentioned purposes or for every twenty thousand (20,000) square feet or fraction thereof in excess of three thousand (3,000) square feet of land use for above mentioned purposes. These requirements may, upon appeal, be increased, modified or waived by the Board of Adjustment where, it its judgment, the conditions or circumstances provide substantial reasons to justify such action.

    Types of industry listed alphabetically:

1. Auto repair and body shops.

2. Bottling works.

3. Blacksmith shops.

4. Book binderies.

5. Building materials, storage and sales.

6. Canning and preserving factories.

7. Carpenter, cabinet, plumbing and sheet metal shops.

8. Carpet cleaning establishments.

9. Chemical laboratories not producing noxious fumes or odors.

10. Contractor's office and equipment storage yards.

11. Construction equipment sales and rentals.

12. Dry cleaning and laundry plants.

13. Electro-plating works.

14. Feed and seed stores, flour mills and grain processing.

15. Forges (hand).

16. Fish packing or storage plants.

17. Frozen food lockers.

18. Freight terminals.

19. Galvanizing works, by special permit of the Planning and Zoning Commission only.

20. Grain elevators.

21. Greenhouses and nurseries, retail and wholesale.

22. Ice plants.

23. Kennels and kennel boarding.

24. Laundries.

25. Lumber yards.

26. Machine yards.

27. Machinery sales and storage lots.

28. Milk bottling or distribution plants.

29. Manufacturing or fabrication establishments, which are not noxious or offensive by reason of vibration, noise, dust, fumes, gas, odor or smoke.

30. Monument and marble works.

31. Motor vehicle sales and storage.

32. Moving transfer and storage plants.

33. Photo engraving plants.

34. Poultry storage or slaughtering.

35. Planning mills.

36. Printing plants.

37. Public utility and public service uses.

38. Produce markets (wholesale).

39. Railroad freight yards.

40. Radiator repair shops.

41. Sanitary landfill (governmental) provided that no hazardous waste materials as defined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are stored or deposited on the site.

42. Sign painting plants.

43. Storage in bulk of, or warehouse for, such materials as asphalt, brick, building material, cement, cotton, coal, contractor's equipment, feed, fertilizer, grain, gravel, grease, hay, ice, lead, lime, machinery, metals, plaster, poultry, roofing, rope, sand, scrap paper or rags, stone, tar, tarred or creosoted products, terra cotta, timber, wood and wool.

44. Truck and rail terminals.

45. Tire repair shops.

46. Upholstering shops.

47. Veterinary hospitals.

48. Warehouses or storage houses.

49. Wholesale houses.

50. Service stations. (Provided Sec. 7-5 and 7-6 of the City Ordinances are complied with.)

51. Stores, shops and retail trade.

52. SPECIAL USE PERMIT - The following uses of land may be 

allowed by the Council in this District upon submission, review and recommendation of the Commission:

a. Auto wrecking yards; junkyards and scrap processing yards are subject, however, to the following:

1. Located on a tract of land at least three hundred (300) feet from a residential district zone.
2. The operation shall be conducted wholly within a noncombustible building or within an area completely surrounded on all sides by a fence, wall or hedge at least six (6) feet high. The fence, wall or hedge shall be of uniform height, uniform texture and color and shall be so maintained by the proprietor as to insure maximum safety to the public and preserve the general welfare of the neighborhood. The fence, wall or hedge shall be installed in such a manner as to retain all scrap, junk or other material within the yard.
3. No junk shall be loaded, unloaded or otherwise placed either temporarily or permanently outside the enclosed building, hedge, fence or wall, or within the public right-of-way.
4. Burning of paper, trash, junk or other waste materials shall be permitted only after approval of the Fire Department. Said burning, when permitted, shall be done during daylight hours only.


b. Petroleum refining.


c. Stockyard and slaughter houses.


d. Ready-mix concrete and asphalt mix plants.


e. Manufacturing or storage of bulk oil, gas and explosives.


f.  Other uses which may be noxious or offensive by reason of the emission of odor, dust, smoke, gas, noise or vibration.


53. Any use permitted in Sec. 31-80 (C) of the Zoning Ordinance.

City of Marshall