Article I V. Establishment of Districts

Sec. 31-58. Districts established
For the purpose of promoting the health, safety, morals, or the general welfare of the community by regulating and restricting the height, number of stores and size of buildings and other structures, the size of yards, courts, and other open spaces, the density of population and the location and use of buildings, structures, and land for trade, industry, residence, or other purposes the city is hereby divided into ten (10) districts, as follows: 

District A-1: Agricultural District
District R-1: Single Family Residential District
District R-2: Residential District
District R-3: Low Density Multi-Family Dwelling District
District MH-P: Mobile Home Park District
District MH-S: Mobile Home Subdivision District
District C-1: Central Business District
District C-2: Highway Business District
District I-L: Light Industrial District
District I-H: Heavy Industrial District


In addition, four (4) overlay districts are hereby created as follows: (Amended 10/4/93 Ordinance No. 6728)

District FP: Flood Plain District
District HP: Historic Preservation District
District AH: Airport Hazard District
District P-D: Planned Development District (Amended 10/4/93 Ordinance No. 6728)


Sec. 31-59. Zoning district map as adopted
Boundaries of districts as designated and set out in Section 31-58 of this chapter are hereby established, adopted and declared to be such boundaries as are shown on that map of the city, which is identified by the attestation of the City Clerk and the seal of the city with the written descriptions of the boundaries attached thereto as follows:

Zoning District Map Adopted
Attest: Dorothy Hughes
             City Clerk
             November 16, 1981

The map and all notations, references and information shown thereon are hereby made a part of this chapter as fully as if the same were set forth in full therein. It shall be the duty of the city clerk comptroller immediately upon the passage of any ordinance changing the boundaries of any districts as shown on said map, to post on the map the number of the ordinance and a brief summary of the substance of such change and the area affected thereby.

Sec. 31-60. Determination of district boundaries
When definite distances in feet are not shown on the zoning district map, the district boundaries are intended to be along existing streets, alleys or plotted lot lines or extension of the same, and if the exact location of such line is not clear, it shall be determined by the zoning administrator, due consideration being given to location as indicated by the scale of the zoning district map.

Sec. 31-61. Procedure when streets, alleys or ground differ from map
When on account of any vacation proceedings or for any other cause the streets or alleys on the ground differ from the streets or alleys as shown on the zoning district map, the zoning administrator may apply the district designation on the map to the streets or alleys on the ground in such manner as to conform to the intent and purpose of this chapter.

Sec. 31-62. Restrictions: Use, height and area, population density
Except as hereinafter provided, the following restrictions shall be complied with:

a. Use of building. No buildings or structures shall be erected, constructed, reconstructed or structurally altered, nor shall any building, structure or land be used for any purpose other than is permitted in the district in which such building, structure or land is situated.

b. Height area limitations. No building or structure shall be erected, constructed, extended, enlarged reconstructed or structurally altered to exceed the height or area limit herein established for the district in which such building or structure is situated.

c. Lot area, population density. No lot area shall be reduced or diminished so that the yards or other open spaces shall be smaller than prescribed by this chapter, nor shall the density of population be increased in any manner, except in conformity with the area regulations established herein.

Sec. 31-63. Projection of cornices over street lines
No cornice shall project over the street line more than five percent (5%) of the width of such street and in no case more than four (4) feet.

Sec. 31-64. Open fire escapes, projection over side, rear yards
An open fire escape may project not more than four (4) feet into a side or rear yard. Solid floored balconies and enclosed fireproof outside stairways may project not more than four (4) feet into a rear yard.

Secs. 31-65 thru 31-72. Reserved

City of Marshall