Article V. District Use Regulations

Sec. 31-78. District C-1 - Central Business District

A. INTENT AND PURPOSE OF DISTRICT  The "C-1" Central Business District is intended for grouping retail merchandising activities into a concentrated area serving the general shopping needs of the trade area. Principal permitted uses include department stores, apparel stores, general retail sales and services, and similar uses appropriated for comparison shopping. The grouping is intended to strengthen the business level of the central business activity.

B. DISTRICT REGULATIONS In District "C-1", no building shall be used and no building or structure altered, enlarged or erected with is arranged, intended or designed for other than one of the uses listed in (C) below.

    Types of business use listed at the bottom alphabetically.

D. INTENSITY OF USE REGULATIONS Automobile, truck or boat sales shall have at 
    least 5,000 square feet of contiguous display area.

E. HEIGHT REGULATIONS A building may be erected to any height not in conflict with other regulations.


1. Front Yards: No front yard is required for any building in "C-1" District.
However, where a portion of District "C-1" lies within the same block and fronts
upon the same street with a portion of a residential district, and no lot within said
"C-1" District is occupied in that portion of the residential district inclusive
adjoining, then in such case, the front yard requirements of adjoining residential
district inclusive shall likewise be applicable to such portion of "C-1" District.

2. Side Yards: No side yard is required for any building in the "C-1" Central
Business District.

3. Rear Yards: The depth of the rear yard shall be at least four percent (4%) of
the depth of the lot, but such depth need not be more than four (4) feet, except
that on a corner lot no rear yard is required within fifty (50) feet of a side street,
unless the rear line adjoins a Residential District.

G. STORAGE REGULATIONS All storage of goods or material for sale, rent, lease or display shall be within an enclosed building or within an area completely surrounded on all sides by a fence or wall at least eight feet in height so as to provide visual barrier.

H. TRAFFIC REGULATIONS Plans for the erection or structural alteration of any business use dependent on vehicles entering onto the business site or parking lot shall be approved by the City Council. The City Council may require such changes therein in relation to yards, location of curb cuts, width of driveways, location of signs and accessory uses and buildings and construction of buildings as it may deem best suited to insure safety to minimize traffic difficulties and to safeguard adjacent properties.

I. PARKING REGULATIONS Off street parking is not required.

    Types of business use listed alphabetically:

1. Amusement places.

2. Animal hospitals, clinics and kennels, providing the establishment and runs are completely enclosed in a building.

3. Antique shops and stores, providing all merchandise is displayed and sold inside a building.

4. Apartments on floors other than the ground floor.

5. Apparel and accessory stores.

6. Appliance sales and service.

7. Art and art supply stores.

8. Artist studios.

9. Auditoriums and similar places of public assembly.

10. Automobile garages (public) and parking lots, except that in public garages no repair facilities shall be maintained on the front portion of the lot or in the front portion of the first story of the building within 30 feet of the front street


11. Automobile sales and service, providing that all work is done within an enclosed building and that no inoperable autos or materials are held or stored on the site unless screened by a solid fence at least eight feet in height.


12. Auto repair and body shops, providing that all work is done within an enclosed building and that no inoperable autos or materials are held or stored on the site unless screened by a solid fence at least eight feet in height.


13. Auto supply stores.

14. Bakery and pastry shops (retail only).

15. Banks and other savings and lending institutions.

16. Barber and beauty shops.

17. Bicycle repair and sales shops.

18. Books and stationary stores.

19. Bowling alleys and recreation buildings.

20. Business and technical schools and schools for photography, music and dancing.

21. Business machine repair, sales and service.

22. Car washes, both automatic and manual.

23. Churches and parish homes.

24. Cigar and tobacco stores.

25. Clothing and costume rental.

26. Commercial recreation uses.

27. Custom dressmaking, furrier, millinery and tailor shops.

28. Delicatessens and catering establishments.

29. Department stores.

30. Drug stores and prescription shops.

31. Dry goods and notion stores.

32. Dry cleaning and laundry establishments (employing not more than five (5) persons on the premises).


33. Electric repair shops (household appliances).

34. Fix-it shops (radio, T.V. and small household appliance repair).

35. Florist and gift shops.

36. Furniture and home furnishing stores.

37. Government buildings.

38. Grocery stores (including retail meat markets and produce stores).

39. Hardware stores.

40. Hobby, stamp and coin shops.

41. Household and appliance stores.

42. Hotels and motels.

43. Interior decorator's shops.

44. Insurance sales office.

45. Jewelry and metal craft stores.

46. Leather goods and luggage stores.

47. Lumber yards provided they are wholly within a building or within an area completely surrounded on all sides by a fence or wall at least eight feet high so as to provide a visual barrier.


48. Library and museums.

49. Lock and key shops.

50. Mail order catalog stores.

51. Medical, dental and health clinics.

52. Medical and orthopedic appliance stores.

53. Meeting halls and auditoriums.

54. Mortuaries.

55. Messenger or telegraph service stations.

56. Milk and dairy products (retail sales only).

57. Music instrument sales and repair shops.

58. Music studios, radio and television stores.

59. Newsstands.

60. Nightclubs.

61. Offices and office buildings, including offices for abstractors, accountants, actuaries, attorneys, doctors, physicians and other similar professionals.

62. Office supply and office equipment stores.

63. Optician and optometrist shops.

64. Package liquor stores.

65. Paint stores.

66. Parks and recreation areas.

67. Pawn shops.

68. Pet shops.

69. Photographic equipment and supply stores.

70. Photographic studios.

71. Picture frame shops.

72. Printing and publishing houses (including newspapers).

73. Private clubs, fraternities, sororities and lodges.

74. Public buildings.

75. Radio and television studios.

76. Railway, taxi and bus passenger stations.

77. Real estate offices.

78. Rental stores (excluding vehicle or trailer rental).

79. Restaurants and tea rooms (excluding drive-ins).

80. Service stations, providing that no vehicle is stored outside on the property for more than 72 continuous hours and that parts or materials stored outside are screened by a solid fence at least eight feet in height and provided that Section 7-5 and 7-6 of the city ordinances is complied with and provided all storage tanks for gasoline shall be below the surface of the ground, and that no opening for the filling or emptying of such gasoline storage tanks shall be permitted within fifty (50) feet of any boundary line of a residential district when such boundary line is within the same block.

81. Self-service laundries.

82. Sewing machine stores.

83. Shoe stores.

84. Shoe repair and shoe shine shops.

85. Sporting and athletic goods stores.

86. Stores and shops for the conduct of retail business similar to the uses listed in this section.

87. Tailor shops.

88. Taverns.

89. Theatres.

90. Tire repair shops, providing that all materials and supplies are stored or kept within a solid fence at least eight feet in height.

91. Toy stores.

92. Travel bureaus.

93. Truck repair and body shops, providing all work is done within an enclosed building and that no inoperable truck or material are geld or stored on the site unless screened by a solid fence at least eight feet in height.


94. Utility company offices.

95. Variety stores and shops.

96. Wallpaper stores and shops.

97. Watch repair shops.

98. Wholesale establishments.

99. Accessory uses customarily incidental to the above uses.

100. Day care facilities located in the main building of churches.
       (Amended 7/7/97 Ordinance No. 7048)

101. Any use permitted in Section 31-79(C) of the Zoning Code of Ordinances.

102. Tourist home 

103. The Planning Commissions may, by special use permit, authorize the 

following exception(s) subject to such conditions, as the Commission deems necessary. This special use shall not be available on the following described tracts: Blocks: 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27, and 28 of the Original Town of Marshall, Saline County, Missouri. (Amended 4/7/03 Ordinance No. 7449) 


(a) Apartments on the ground floor.

City of Marshall